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The Madonna's Tours Info

The Virgin Tour

Año: 1985
Conciertos: 40
Fechas/Continentes: April 10–June 11 (North America)
Total Recaudado: $3,301,609

Who's That Girl? World Tour

Año: 1987
Conciertos: 37
Fechas/Continentes:June 14–June 22 (Asia)
June 27–August 9 (North America)
August 15–September 6 (Europe)
Total Recaudado: $23,640,564

Blond Ambition World Tour

Año: 1990
Conciertos: 57
Fechas/Continentes: April 13–April 27(Asia)
May 4–June 25(North America)
June 30–August 5(Europe)
Total Recaudado: $65,700,000

The Girlie Show World Tour

Año: 1993
Conciertos: 39
Fechas/Continentes: September 25– October 1(Europe)
October 5(Asia)
October 7 (Europe)
October 11–October 26(North America)
October 30–November 6(South America)
November 10–November 13(North America)
November 19–December 4(Australia)
December 7–December 19(Asia)
Total Recaudado: $70,000,000

Drowned World Tour

Año: 2001
Conciertos: 47
Fechas/Continentes: June 9–July 12(Europe)
July 21–September 15(North America)
Total Recaudado: $76,792,245

Re-Invention World Tour

Año: 2004
Conciertos: 56
May 24–August 2(North America)
August 14 –September 14(Europe)
Total Recaudado: $124,790,787

Confessions Tour

Año: 2006
Conciertos: 60
May 21–July 23(North America)
July 30–September 12(Europe)
September 16–September 21(Asia)
Total Recaudado: $194,754,447

Sticky & Sweet Tour

Año: 2008-2009
Conciertos: 85
August 23, 2008 – September 27, 2008 (Europe)
October 4, 2008 – November 30, 2008 (North America)
December 4, 2008 – December 21, 2008 (South America)
July 4, 2009 – August 29, 2009 (Europe)
September 1, 2009 – September 2, 2009 (Asia)
Total Recaudado: $407,713,266

Tour de Madonna según Yo

Rock Memories Theme
1.Retro Machine (Vídeo)/Burning Up [Rock Version]
2.Material Girl/Hollywood (Medley)
3.White Heat
4.Don't Stop (Extracts from 'I Love New York')

Mystical Theme
5.Bedtime Story (Extracts from 'Shanti/Ashtangi')
6.Frozen/Live To Tell (Medley)
7.Paradise (Not For Me) [Orchestral Version]
8.Isaac (Elements from 'The Beast Within')
9.Like a Prayer [Acoustic Version]

Queen of Broken Hearts Theme
10.Love Don't Live Here Anymore
11.Bye Bye Baby (Extracts from 'Runaway Lover')
12.Borderline/I Know It (Medley)
13.He's A Man

High Technology Theme
14.Ray of Light/Let It Will Be (Medley)
15.Nothing Really Matters
16.Music/Vogue (Medley)
17.Erotica To Justify My Love (Live Mix)
18.Into The Groove/Beat Goes On/Holiday (Mega Medley)
19.Nobody Knows Me

Feedback Flashback Theme
20.Madonna Mega Mix (Video)
21.This Used To Be My Playground/Promise To Try (Medley)
22.Oh Father/Mother And Father (Medley)
23.La Isla Bonita (Flamenco Version)
24.Rescue Me (R&B Version)
25.Secret Garden (Jazz Dance Version)

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