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Born in cage. The darkest depths of mind
That leads us to the bottom
Corridors of psychotransmutations
You live in a lifeless time
Tragical vision of death, your pathetic disgust

Stop that lie, running masses, stand up and fight
You will be considered in the tribe of human predators
Choose you way, new-born psychopath
You will be considered in the tribe of predators

Time to run, slavery master falls, don’t give up this opportunity
Better betray them and be forsaken for your own
But not for everyone else

You will remember these unholy words of truth
Scratching through the years to satisfy men’s lust
And see you die
Forget those lies, society will always blame you

Abnormal product of the century genesis
Hierarchy of consumers blessed by preachers’ legions’ lust
Beautiful. Create. This is your grave now.

Top of indifference, this breeding misanthropy
Is reflecting my nucleons’ society
The fluids of chaos with stifling atmosphere
It’s horrified sensation that you’ve finally stuck at this place

Living nightmare when impecious men do purify own avidity
Sold the ground off in the place of tragedy
What do you search in my eyes? – Tragedy!

Barbarian system, breeding tyranny
That divides the world
Deevolution of consciousness brings to refusal of the comprehension
You purify your mind from bitter truth
And you will taste hedonistic exility
Till the end
You choose trail of pain
Face the death and obey.
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