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10 mejores solos de guitarra

Los 10 Mejores Solos de Guitarra
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1.Stairway to Heaven

guitarist: Jimmy Page
band: Led Zeppelin
album: Led Zeppelin IV

2. Eruption

guitarist: Eddie Van Halen
band: Van Halen
album: Van Halen

3. Freebird

guitarist: Collins/Rossington
band: Lynyrd Skynyrd
album: Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd

4.Comfortably Numb

guitarist: David Gilmour
band: Pink Floyd
album: The Wall
more: Comfortably Numb solo details

5.All Along the Watchtower

guitarist: Jimi Hendrix
band: Jimi Hendrix Experience
album: Electric Ladyland

6.November Rain

guitarist: Slash
band: Guns n' Roses
album: Use Your Illusion I

7. One

guitarist: Kirk Hammet
band: Metallica
album: And Justice for All

8.Hotel California

guitarist: Don Felder/Joe Walsh
band: The Eagles
album: Hotel California

9.Crazy Train

guitarist: Randy Rhoads
band: Ozzy Ozbourne
album: Blizzard of Ozz


guitarist: Eric Clapton
band: Cream
album: Wheels of Fire

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