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AA.VV - A Century of Covers (Belle & Sebastian Tribute)

A Century of Covers (Belle & Sebastian Tribute) - 2006


Ok, aca van los temas, gracias por contestar 😉

01 portami via di qua, sto male by perturbazione
02 ease your feet in the sea by austin lace
03 my wandering days are over by the sad snowman
04 i am a chukoo by billie the vision and the dancers
05 sleep the clock around by mr 60
06 dog on wheels by hell on wheels
07 slow graffiti by tokyo overtones
08 like dylan in the movies by canadians
09 photo jenny by mixtapes and cellmates
10 waiting for the moon to rise by john wayne shot me
11 century of fakers by prauge
12 judy & the dream of horses by tom wilman
13 jonathan david by le man avec les lunettes
14 the fox in the snow by lucid evening sky
15 family tree by tall poppies
16 i fought in a war by the niro
17 belle and sebastian by kawaii
18 you're just a baby girl by agaist lupa featuring the buzz
19 get me away from here, i'm dying by spring sale!
20 waking up to us by bob corn


Tendras la lista de temas y los interpretes? Gracias


Bajando, veremos que onda.
Al margen, un infierno el server, está bajando a 300 kb/s, a las 4 de la tarde!!!!