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B-Sides,Rare tracks y demos de Def Leppard

Aquí les dejo lo que es mi primera aportación a Taringa: algunos archivos (por el momento,luego pondré los demás y actualizare el post) de canciones raras,demos y lados B de Def Leppard (todos en MP3) que consegui gracias a un amigo inglés (Muchas Gracias Birchie por el intercambio)

Def Leppard EP
Getcha Rocks Off
Overture(EP Mix)
Ride Into the Sun

First Strike
Answer to the Master
Glad I'm Alive
See the Lights
Heat Street
Sorrow is a Woman
When the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Glad I'm Alive (Live)
Hello America (Live)
When the Walls Came Tumbling Down (Live)
Overture (Live)
Getcha Rocks Off (Live)
Wasted (Live)
Getcha Rocks Off ('78 demo)
Misty Dreamer ('78 demo)
Warchild ('78 demo)
Got To See the Lights ('78 demo)
Overture ('78 demo)
Beyond the Temple ('78 demo)
Wasted ('78 demo)

On Through the Night B-Sides
Good Morning Freedom

High 'N' Dry
Me & My Wine (Original Version)
Bringin' On The Heartbreak (Remix)
Me & My Wine (Remix)

Medicine Man (Live)
Honky Tonk Women (Soundcheck)
Run Riot (Soundcheck 5:35)
Run Riot (Soundcheck 4:36)
Rock of Ages with Medley

Animal (Extended Version)
Armageddon It (Nuclear Mix)
Billy's Got a Gun (Live)
Excitable (Orgasmic Mix)
I Wanna Be Your Hero (Original Version)
Love & Affection (Live)
Pour Some Sugar On Me (Sweet Mix)
Release Me (Stumpus Maximus & The Good Ol' Boys)
Ride Into the Sun (Remix)
Ring Of Fire (Original Version)
Rock Of Ages Medley
Rocket (Lunar Mix) 8:41
Rocket (Lunar Mix) 4:25
Rocket (Lunar Mix) 7:06
Tear It Down (Orginal Version)
Women (Edit)
Women (Live)

Action (Original Version)
Elected (Live)
Little Wing (Live Acoustic)
Now I'm Here (Live With Brian May)
Only After Dark (Original Version)
Photograph (Live)
Tonight (Demo)
Two Steps Behind (Original Acoustic Version)
You Can't Always Get What You Want (Acoustic)

Love Bites (Live)
Miss You In a Heartbeat (Phil's Demo)
She's Too Tough (Joe's Demo)
Tonight (Warts and All Acoustic)
Two Steps Behind (Joe's Demo)

Can't Keep Away from the Flame
When Love & Hate Collide (Demo)

All I Want Is Everything (Acoustic Version)
All I Want Is Everything (Edit)
All I Want Is Everything (Live)
Breathe a Sigh (Phil's Demo)
Cause We Ended As Lovers
Deliver Me (Live)
Jimmy's Theme
Led Boots
Move With Me Slowly
Slang (Extended)
Truth (Original Version)
When Love & Hate Collide (Piano & Strings Version)
When Saturday Comes
Work It Out (Live)
Work It Out (Vivian's Demo)
Ziggy Stardust (Live Acoustic)

Candy In Your Hands (Sav's Demo of 'Goodbye')
Demolition Man (Live)
I Am Your Child
To Be Alive (Vivian's Demo)
Under My Wheels (Live Alice Cooper Cover)
Who Do You Love?
Worlds Collide

10 X Bigger Than Love
Gimme a Job
Let Me Be The One (Acoustic Version)
Let Me Be The One (demo)
Long Long Way To Go (Acoustic Version)
Love Don't Lie (demo)
Now (Acoustic Version)
Perfect Girl (Gravity demo)
Rebel Rebel
Stay With Me
You're So Beautiful (Live)

Action (Live 2005)
American Girl
Dear Friends
Hellraiser (Live)
No Matter What (Live 2005)
Rock On (Live 2005)
Search & Destroy
Space Oddity
When I'm Dead I'm Gone
Winter Song

Por subir:algunos rare tracks y el album The Circus Comes to Town.

Comentar es agradecer.Muchas Gracias.
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