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Blind Guardian - Follow the Blind

2.Banish From Sanctuary
3.Damned For All Time
4.Follow The Blind
5.Hall Of The King
6.Fast To Madness
7.Beyond The Ice - (TRUE instrumental)
8.Valhalla - (featuring Kai Hansen)
9.Don't Break The Circle - (bonus track)
10.Barbara Ann

Link: Dex

Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond

1.Time What Is Time
2.Journey Through The Dark
3.Black Chamber
4.Theatre Of Pain
5.Quest For Tanelorn, The - (featuring Kai Hansen)
6.Ashes To Ashes
7.Bard's Song-In The Forest, The
8.Bard's Song-The Hobbit, The
9.Piper's Calling, The
10.Somewhere Far Beyond
11.Spread Your Wings - (bonus track)
12.Trial By Fire - (bonus track)
13.Theatre Of Pain - (classic version, bonus track)

Link: Dex

Blind Guardian - Bright Eyes - EP

1. Bright Eyes
2. Hallelujah
3. Imaginations from the Other Side (demo)
4. The Script for my Requiem (demo)
5. The Wizard

Link: Dex

Blind Guardian - The Forgotten Tales

1.Mr. Sandman
2.Surfin' U.S.A.
3.Bright Eyes - (acoustic version)
4.Lord Of The Rings - (orchestral version)
5.Wizard, The
6.Spread Your Wings
7.Mordred's Song - (acoustic version)
8.Black Chamber - (orchestral version)
9.Bard's Song, The - (live)
10.Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally
11.Past And Future Secret, A
12.To France
13.Theatre Of Pain - (orchestral version)

Link: Dex

Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle Earth

1.War Of Wrath
2.Into The Storm
5.Minstrel, The
6.Curse Of Feanor, The
8.Blood Tears
9.Mirror Mirror
10.Face The Truth
11.Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
12.Battle Of Sudden Flame
13.Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
14.Dark Elf, The
16.Eldar, The
17.Nom The Wise
18.When Sorrow Sang
19.Out On The Water
20.Steadfats, The
21.Dark Passage, A
22.Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)

Link: Dex

Blind Guardian - A night at the Opera

1.Precious Jerusalem
3.Under The Ice
4.Sadly Sings Destiny
5.Maiden And The Minstrel Knight, The
6.Wait For An Answer
7.Soulforged, The
8.Age Of False Innocence
9.Punishment Divine
10.And Then There Was Silence

Link: Dex