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Capitol Punishment - Bulwarks Against Oppression + Glutton f

Capitol Punishment

Bulwarks Against Oppression + Glutton for Punishment 7''

The first band Jocey and I played in together was a new wave band called ALTERED FEATURES. That was in 1980 and it lasted just a few months. We really wanted to play punk not wave. We looked for a new project and hooked up with EricTsuda. He wanted to try his hand at singing and he knew a drummer, 16 year old Keith Johnson.
Eric thought up the name of the band and we practiced in his living room. A few months later we played our first gig, July 4, 1981 with the DEAD KENNEDYS, THE FIX and
7 SECONDS at the Belmont Ballroom in Fresno.
That original line-up was short-lived and by '82 Eric was replaced with Ralph Lotspeich on vocals and a few months later Mike Branum took over drumming duties from Keith. Eric went on to play drums for DEATH OF GLORY and The UNFIT from San Luis Obispo. Keith moved up to San Francisco.
From 1982 to 1987 we kept that same lineup, which is a long time in punk band years. And what an incredible time those years were! We had a lot of fun from time to time and achieved goals every band strives for.
In the years to come we would record and release 5 studio LPs,
3 7-inchers, a couple videos, lotsa demos and compilation tracks for several different labels. We were on a few labels here in the U.S. Mainly We Bite America in Chicago and Unclean Records in Austin, Texas. In Germany were were on Destiny Records, Berlin and We Bite Records in Tubingen.
We had the pleasure of touring the U.S. 3 times; in '85, '86 and '89 and Europe twice; in '87 and '91. We played all over California including many times in San Francisco and the bay area. We got to play with some of the really cool punk/hardcore bands of the day: THE DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG, MINOR THREAT, BAD BRAINS, DISCHARGE, etc. In our earlier tours we played mostly in the midwest; Chicago, Memphis, Houston, Omaha, Milwaukee, etc. Our '89 US tour took us to the east coast for the first time and we were so thrilled to play at the legendary CBGB in New York.


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