Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny

CHARLIE HADEN & PAT METHENY - Beyond The Missouri Sky

01 Waltz For Ruth (6.2M)
02 Our Spanish Love Song (8.1M)
03 Message To A Friend (8.6M)
04 Two For The Road (7.5M)
05 First Song (9.0M)
06 The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (6.0M)
07 The Precious Jewel (5.2M)
08 He''s Gone Away (5.8M)
09 The Moon Song (5.8M)
10 Tears Of Rain (8.4M)
11 Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme) (5.1M)
12 Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme) (6.3M)
13 Spiritual (12.0M)