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Chillhop Music Lo Fi Hip Hop

Who doesn't get sad during gloomy rainy days? I'm not talking about these who consider intense by looking out of the window in a pensive mood because it makes you look profound, I'm talking about how do you feel inside?



This chillhop song is called 'I Wish I Could Talk in Technicolor' and it's all about the beauty of sadness. Enjoy watching these fantastic and elegant and depressing anime pixel art animations with original and new Lofi Hiphop Radio and beats to Study, Game & Relax

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I Wish I Could Talk in Technicolor - Chillhop Music Lofi Hip Hop

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Some people says that the new trend for Lo-Fi (witch means low fidelity) and its indicative to the quality of the sound recording. Modern music industry worked and perfected the new audio recording to the point where all songs are flawless and mistakes free. Perfection is boring. Check these tags on google: lofi hip hop,lofi, lo fi, lo-fi, lofi hiphop, bsd.u, lo-fi hip hop,lo fi hiphop, lofi radio,chill study beats,hip hop radio, nujabes,lofi hiphop radio,lofi hip hop radio,chill beats, tomppabeats, jinsang, jhfly, eevee,chilledcow or ask me if you need more information.

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Lo-Fi Chillhop - Chillhop Music

What is lo-fi music and why is it suddenly everywhere? The term refers to low-quality recordings of music. Sometimes successful bands have made lo-fi albums too. Youtube has just decided that users can stream now so many new lofi hiphops streams are popular and always on 24/7 and some could argue that there are no changes in the music scene is ever truly organic so pushing new trends from the background is the key to boring big labels.

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Download this song for free:

Album Finezza is a collection of atmospheric mellow chillhop, downtempo, lounge and lofi hip hop beats to keep you relaxed.
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