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Chuck Berry-The Chess Years (9CD Box Set)


The Chess Years (9CD Box Set) Esta compuesto por un total de 220 canciones,que es casi todo lo que Chuck hizo con Chess Records.
Las canciones se ordenan por fecha de grabación. Debido a que Charly no obtuvo los derechos de publicacion, el Box fue vendido solamente por un corto tiempo y en cantidad limitada

Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry (Saint Louis, Misuri, 18 de octubre de 1926), mejor conocido como Chuck Berry; es uno de los más influyentes compositores, intérpretes y guitarristas de rock and roll de la historia.

Sin duda, Chuck Berry es la maxima influencia de guitarra dentro del rock and roll.

Si bien ningún individuo puede decirse que inventó el rock and roll, Chuck Berry viene siendo el más cercano de una cifra única a ser el que puso todas las piezas esenciales juntas.

Es una figura influyente y uno de los pioneros del rock and roll. En la década de los 50, Berry interpretó canciones como "Roll Over Beethoven", "Rock and Roll Music", "Route 66" de Bobby Troup, "Johnny B. Goode" y "Maybellene".

En 1989 publicó su autobiografía.

La revista Rolling Stone lo presenta como el intérprete n.º 5 de toda la historia en su lista "The Immortals" superado solo por The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley y The Rolling Stones. La revista Rolling Stone lo cita como el sexto mejor guitarrista de todos los tiempos.

"Johnny B. Goode" su canción mas popular, es considerada la mejor canción de guitarra de la historia del rock and roll, segun la revista Rolling Stone.



Chuck Berry
The Chess Years
(BoxSet-9 CDs) 1991

CD 1

01- Maybellene
02- Wee Wee Hours
03- Thirty Days
04- Together (We Will Always Be)
05- You Can't Catch Me
06- Roly Poly
07- Berry Pickin'
08- Down Bound Train
09- No Money Down
10- Drifting Heart
11- Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
12- Roll Over Beethoven
13- Too Much Monkey Business
14- Havana Moon
15- Rock And Roll Music (Demo)
16- Deep Feelin'
17- School Day
18- La Juanda
19- Blue Feeling
20- Low Feeling
21- Wee Wee Hours (Blues) (Alternate)
22- How You've Changed
23- Rock And Roll Music
24- Oh Baby Doll
25- Sweet Little Sixteen

CD 2

01- Thirteen Question Method (Alternate)
02- How High The Moon
03- I've Changed
04- Sweet Little Sixteen
05- Rockin' At The Philharmonic
06- Guitar Boogie
07- Night Beat
08- Time Was (Slow Version)
09- Reelin' And Rockin'
10- Johnny B. Goode
11- Around And Around
12- In-Go
13- It Don't Take But A Few Minutes
14- Blues For Hawaiians
15- Beautiful Delilah
16- Vacation Time
17- 21
18- 22 Blues
19- Carol
20- Oh Yeah
21- Hey Pedro
22- Time Was
23- House Of Blue Lights
24- Anthony Boy
25- Jo Jo Gunne
26- Sweet Little Rock And Roller
27- Memphis
28- Merry Christmas Baby
29- Run Rudolph Run
30- Little Queenie

CD 3

01- That's My Desire
02- Little Queenie (Alternate)
03- Do You Love Me
04- Almost Grown
05- Back In The Usa
06- Blue On Blue
07- Betty Jean
08- County Line
09- Childhood Sweetheart
10- One O'clock Jump
11- I Just Want To Make Love To You
12- Broken Arrow
13- Let It Rock
14- Too Pooped To Pop
15- Say You'll Be Mine
16- Let Me Sleep Woman
17- Childhood Sweetheart (Alternate)
18- Drifting Blues
19- I Got To Find My Baby
20- Don't You Lie To Me
21- Worried Life Blues
22- Our Little Rendezvous
23- Bye Bye Johnny
24- Run Around
25- Jaguar And The Thunderbird
26- Diploma For Two
27- Little Star
28- The Way It Was Before
29- Away From You
30- Down The Road Apiece

CD 4

01- Confessin' The Blues
02- Sweet Sixteen
03- Thirteen Question Method
04- Stop And Listen
05- Still Got The Blues
06- Lucky So And So
07- Mad Lad
08- Cryin' Steel
09- Surfin' Steel
10- Route 66
11- I'm Taking About You
12- Rip It Up
13- Come On
14- Man And The Donkey
15- Go Go Go
16- Trick Or Treat
17- Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
18- All Aboard
19- How High The Moon #2
20- Nadine
21- You Never Can Tell
22- Girl From Central High
23- Things I Used To Do
24- Fraulein
25- Crazy Arms
26- Orangutang
27- Big Ben Blues
28- Promised Land
29- Brenda Lee

CD 5

01- No Particular Place To Go
02- Liverpool Drive
03- You Two
04- Chuck's Beat (Edit)
05- Bo's Beat (Edit)
06- Little Marie
07- Go Bobby Soxer
08- Lonely School Days
09- His Daughter Caroline
10- Dear Dad
11- I Want To Be Your Driver
12- Song Of My Love
13- Butterscotch
14- After It's Over
15- Why Should We End This Way
16- You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
17- She Once Was Mine
18- Jamaica Farewell
19- My Little Lovelight
20- I Got A Booking
21- St. Louis Blues
22- Run Joe
23- It's My Own Business
24- One For My Baby
25- Everyday We Rock & Roll

CD 6

01- My Mustang Ford
02- Merrily We Rock And Roll
03- Vaya Con Dios
04- Wee Hours Blues
05- It Wasn?t Me
06- Ain?t That Just Like A Woman
07- Right Off Rampart Street
08- Welcome Back Pretty Baby
09- Sad Day Long Night
10- Ramona Say Yes
11- Viva Viva Rock And Roll
12- Lonely School Days #2
13- Tulane
14- Have Mercy Judge
15- Instrumental
16- Christmas
17- Gun
18- I?m A Rocker
19- Flyin?home
20- Fish And Chips
21- Some People
22- Oh Louisiana
23- Festival
24- Let?s Do Our Thing Together
25- Your Lick
26- Bound To Lose
27- Bordeaux In My Pirough

CD 7

01- San Francisco Dues
02- My Dream
03- My Ding A Ling (Live)
04- Johnny B. Goode (Live)
05- Reelin' And Rockin' (Live)
06- Let's Boogie
07- Mean Old World
08- I Love You
09- I Will Not Let You Go
10- London Berry Blues
11- Rain Eyes
12- Sue Answer
13- Got It And Gone
14- A Deuce

CD 8

01- Talkin' About My Buddy
02- Hello Little Girl Goodbye
03- Aimlessly Driftin'
04- Woodpecker
05- Bio
06- I'm Just A Name
07- Too Late
08- Hi Heeled Sneakers
09- South Of The Border
10- Swanee River
11- You Are My Sunshine
12- Don't Lie To Me (197X Version)
13- My Babe
14- I Just Want To Make Love To You (197X Version)
15- Shake Rattle & Roll
16- Baby What You Want Me To Do

CD 9

01- Rock And Roll Music (Alternate)
02- Sweet Little Sixteen (Alternate)
03- Reelin' And Rockin' (Alternate)
04- Johnny B. Goode (Alternate)
05- Beautiful Delilah (Alternate)
06- Sweet Little Rock & Roller (Alternate)
07- Betty Jean (Alternate)
08- I Got To Find My Baby (Alternate)
09- Bye Bye Johnny (Alternate)
10- Down The Road Apiece (Alternate)
11- Route 66 (Alternate)
12- I'm Talking About You (Alternate)
13- Come On (Alternate)
14- Go Go Go (Alternate)
15- Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Alternate)
16- Nadine (Alternate)
17- You Never Can Tell (Alternate)
18- Promised Land (Alternate)
19- No Particular Place To Go (Alternate)
20- Little Marie (Alternate)
21- I Want To Be Your Driver (Alternate)
22- My Mustang Ford (Alternate)
23- It Wadn't Me (Undubbed)
24- Ain't That Just Like A Woman (Undubbed)


Chuck Berry - Best Of The Chess Years
(3CD Boxset) (2012)



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