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Clock DVA - 1991 - Man-Amplified

Clock DVA - 1991 - Man-Amplified

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A product of the same mid-'70s Sheffield industrial music community which also gave rise to Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA emerged in 1980 from the ashes of area bands including the Studs, Block Opposite, Veer and They Must Be Russians as well as the Future, an early incarnation of the Human League. After a series of shifting lineups, a roster comprised of vocalist Adi Newton, bassist Steven Taylor, guitarist Paul Widger, saxophonist Charlie Collins and drummer Roger Quail recorded Clock DVA's debut White Souls in Black Suits, a cassette-only, improvisational release fusing metallic noise with funk and soul designs which was issued on Throbbing Gristle's Industrial label.

In 1981, the group issued Thirst, which abandoned R&B accoutrements in favor of edgy, abrasive electronic noise. Following its release, all of Clock DVA except Newton defected to form Box; after assembling a new lineup of saxophonist Paul Browse, future Siouxsie and the Banshees guitarist John Carruthers, bassist Dean Dennis and drummer Nick Sanderson, Newton wrangled a major-label deal with Polydor, and Clock DVA soon resurfaced with 1983's Advantage, an intense montage of dance beats, piercing feedback and jarring tape manipulations. However, Carruthers and Sanderson both exited following the LP's release; after a brief attempt to forge on as a trio, Clock DVA disbanded in late 1983.

Newton subsequently turned his focus to the Anti Group, an industrial jazz and visual arts project created in tandem with engineer Robert Baker; after a series of singles, he reformed Clock DVA in 1988 with Browse and Dennis, releasing the sample-fueled 1988 EPs The Hacker and The Act, as well as 1990's full-length Buried Dreams, on the Wax/Trax label. By 1991's Transitional Voices, Newton's Anti Group partner Baker had replaced Browse; Dennis departed soon after, leaving the remaining duo to record a staggeringly prolific amount of material including 1992's Man-Amplified, 1993's Sign, Black Words on White Paper and Virtual Reality Handbook, 1994's 150 Erotic Calibrations and 1995's Anterior.


There is real possibility that we may one day design a machine that is more intelligent than ourselves. There are all sorts of biological limitations on our own intellectual capacity, ranging from limited number of computing elements we have available in our craniums to the limited span of human life and the slow rate at which incoming data can be accepted. There is no reason to suppose that such stringent limitations will apply to computers of the future, it will be much easier for computers to bootstrap themselves on the experiences of previous computers than it is for man to benefit from the knowledge acquired from his predecessors. Moreover, if we can design a machine more intelligent than ourselves, then a fortiori that machine will be able to design one more intelligent than itself. Dr. Marvin Minsky of M.I.T. has predicted:"As the machine improves we shall begin to see all the phenomena associated with the terms 'consciousness', 'intuition', and 'intelligence'. It is hard to say how close we are to this threshold, but once it is crossed the world will not be the same; is unreasonable to think that machines could become nearly as intelligent as we are and then stop, or to suppose that we will always be able to compete with them in wit and wisdom. Whither or not we could retain some sort of control of the machines, assuming that we would want to, the nature of out activities and aspirations would be changed utterly by the prescence on earth of intellectually superior entities. But perhaps the most portentous implication in the evolving symbiosis of the human bio-computer and his electronic brainchild was voice by Dr. Irving John Good of Trinity College, Oxford, in his prophetic statement: "The first ultra-intelligent machine is the last invention that man need make."

1 - Man-Amplifiers 5:16
2 - Techno Geist 5:42
3 - Aziomatic and Heuristic 4:48
4 - Nyc Overload 6:28
5 - Transitional Voices 7:30
6 - Bitstream 5:55
7 - Fractalize 5:06
8 - Final Program 4:17
9 - Dark Attractor 5:16
10 - Memories of Sound 4:40
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