covers en descarga directa

AlexQ - Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf cover).mp3 23-Apr-2001 01:12 3.3M
AlexQ - Immigrant Song (led zeppelin cover).mp3 16-Jun-2000 23:15 2.1M
Alexq - 21st century schizoid man (king crimson cover demo 2000).mp3 07-Feb-2001 00:49 1.7M
Alexq - Change (blind melon cover demo 1997).mp3 27-Oct-2000 15:37 2.2M
Alexq - Frozen (Madonna cover - heavy metal version - good! 2000).mp3 09-Jul-2000 22:21 4.2M
Alexq - Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow (Jethro Tull cover - demo! 1996).mp3 10-May-2000 21:08 1.6M
Alexq - Legend of Zelda theme.mp3 10-May-2000 21:08 1.0M
Alexq - Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf cover 2000).mp3 19-Sep-2000 01:43 3.6M
Alexq - Rag doll (Frankie Valli and Four Seasons jamming metal cover demo 2000).mp3 27-Jul-2000 14:18 4.2M
Alexq - Smoke On The Water (deep purple cover demo 1999).mp3 10-Oct-1999 00:52 5.8M
Alexq - peter gunn theme (mancini cover demo 2000).mp3 27-Jul-2000 14:19 2.7M
alexq - Paranoid Android (radiohead cover - bad demo).mp3 06-Dec-2000 01:20 4.6M
alexq - lucky (radiohead cover 2000).mp3
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