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El tema más perturbador de todos

Pregnant Pussy

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7EGWwQwYgE

La Letra!

[Hook x3: Bun B]
Pregnant pussy is the best you can get
Fucking a bitch while her baby sucking dick

[Verse 1: Pimp C]
I guess you can call me a family man
Cause I care for bitches' babies every chance that I can
I don't give 'em clothes, or diapers and shit
But I like to feed they babies with my big black dick
Cause I'ma tell you if you didn't know
You ain't did shit 'til you fucked a pregnant ho
The pussy is hotter, it's got a extra kick
It feel like hot potato pie around your dick
Sometimes I swing high, sometimes I swing low
Sometimes I like to fuck a pregnant bitch on my floor
Hit it kinda hard, and speed it up fast
Fuck her 'til she get the cherry blisters on her ass
Cause if she expecting, I can satisfy
And at the same time, give her kid a pacifier
And I love it when I bust that old nut
Cause I know that her baby's just gon' lick it all up

[Hook x3: Bun B]

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Ain't no pussy like one impregnated
A pussy made for nutting in, I could never hate it
A swoll pussy hole is the best on earth
And a big dick helps make an easy childbirth
I love the big titties but I hate the taste of milk
And a bigger, fatter ass on my dick is smooth as silk
Now if she got a boy, it ain't fun
But if she got a girl, then it's two pussies for the price of one
And if the belly's all stacked
I'll put the ho on all four and hit the pussy from the back
I'm fucking all over the womb
Now I move your baby to the side so I can get a little room
I love to fuck them pregnant hoes
Your baby's sneezing out nuts because I bust one in his nose
So when your little child is born
I bet the motherfucker tell you pregnant pussy got it going on

[Hook x3: Bun B]

[Verse 3: Pimp C]
You see, fucking pregnant pussy is simple
All you gotta do is hope the baby think your dickhead is a nipple
And if the cum snatcha stimulate my sack
He just might get a fat load of Similac
And if he start kicking, I'ma keep sticking
Go a little deeper, give his bad ass a whipping
Within nine months, I can hit it late or sooner
It's me, Miss Jones, and Mr. Jones Junior
And once I get the bitch in the raw
Me and her kid can have a nice ménage à trois
So believe I ain't kicking no bullshit
Cause pregnant pussy is the best you can get.