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The House Jumpers tocan jump blues y música rockabilly. Típica música americana de baile con grandes covers, guitarra grande y letras divertidas. Todo este material ya fue grabado de 1048 a 1960 por artistas como BB King, The Liggins Brothers, Big Mama Thornton y Camille Howard.

Cathy Hunt-Vocals
Marvin Hunt-Guitar
Sawyer Treinen-Bass
Scott Campbell-Drums
Chris Millspaugh-Harmonica

01. Jump With You
02. Certainly All
03. Sure Footed Baby
04. Teardrops from My Eyes
05. Chicken Ain't Nothing but a Bird
06. Esplanade
07. Shut Your Mouth
08. Just Doesn't Work Any More
09. Freddy
10. Bump Jump

The House Jumpers bring you authentic up-tempo blues from America's Heartland. The band's great vocal melodies, big guitars, and jumpabilly grooves are designed for dancing.
This music was born in American cities such as Memphis, New Orleans, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Kansas City. Early versions of jump blues featured horns, but well-known guitarists, such as T-Bone Walker, pioneered the addition of electric guitar to swing and jump music after WWII. Rockabilly music emerged during the same time through the marriage of rural country music to blues and swing rhythm. A common thread in jump blues and rockabilly is often humorous lyrics-music that doesn't take itself too seriously. This recording was done on a Studer 24 track analog deck.