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Introducing The Intel®/Fender® Telecaster® Concept Guitar!

Here is something of interest for lovers of music and technology. Intel®, in partnership with Fender, have designed and produced an amazing one-off instrument, known as the Intel®/Fender® Telecaster® Concept Guitar.

This internet-enabled super guitar enables any musician to scour the web for inspiration, send a quick email in-between songs on stage, practice their guitar solo grimaces via a built in webcam or even check their royalties online!

The Intel® Concept Telecaster® guitar incorporates the latest Intel® Centrino® mobile technology and was developed to provide the ultimate in technology for music on the move. The guitar can be played when you want, wherever you want, allowing you to:

• Plug in headphones and listen to your tunes through the built in amp
• Record demo songs and email them to friends
• Go online to find the chords to that song someone just requested
• Stay in touch through email or Instant Messenger – on stage or on the tour bus
• Conduct webcam interviews with friends or fans
• Download your favourite tunes and just listen - or play along

This Telecaster® guitar contains a Hewlett Packard® TC1100 tablet laptop with 1.25ghz RAM and an Echo Indigo I/O soundcard for maximum fidelity

The laptop uses Intel® Centrino® mobile technology to access a wireless network, where one is available – to find your nearest hotspot go to http://intel.jiwire.com/

The guitar’s pickups are routed straight into the tablet PC for direct recording

Two ¼ inch jack sockets allow you to either play the guitar like a normal Telecaster®, or listen to the songs you’ve downloaded direct from the guitar. Of course, if you want to travel light you can just run a lead from your guitar to the venues PA system and play live through the computer.

Chris Hogg, Intel® UK Marketing Manager said: “Forty years after the first surf guitar sounds came out of California, a new generation of ‘surfing guitars’ have been born.”

“With this guitar, it doesn’t matter if you’re Joe Walsh or Joe Bloggs, you’ll sound just as good once you get this guitar online, download a few of your favourite tracks, and strike a pose in front of the mirror. And if you’re already halfway to becoming a rock legend, this guitar will help you to record, playback and email your music to your agent, your band, or just your mates with the minimum hassle.”

Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.com/pressroom

Fuente: http://www.fender.co.uk/news/IntroducingTheIntelFenderTelecasterConceptGuitar.asp