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Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes

jm.gif Track List:
1. Far Arden
Radio Dark Night [Take 1]
Radio Dark Night [Take 2]
A Vast Radiant Beach (Awake)
Moonshine Night
Frozen Moment By A Lake
Bird Of Prey (Song)
Dawn’s HWY
Under Waterfall (Song)
The Hitchhiker
Winter Photography (Song)
Whiskey, Mystics and Men (Song)
Orange County Suite (Song)
All Hail The American Night
Far Arden Poem
Texas Radio And The Big Beat #1 (Letter from Shirley)
2. Tales From The American Night
The American Night
The Holy Shah
Latino Chrome
To Come Of Age/Black Polished Chrome
Search On, Man
Indian, Indian (Sirens and Horns Honking)
Woman In the Window (Song)
A Vision Of America: From The Book Of Days
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Discovery (Angels and Sailors)
Now Listen To This (Texas Radio And The Big Beat #2)
Stoned Immaculate
White Blind Light (Thank You, O Lord)


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