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De la mejor alineacion de Jimi (para mi aclaro)...

Band of Gypsys - The Rehearsal Sessions (ATM 205-206 R / 2003 / 2CDR)
(Band of Gypsys Rehearsals, Baggy's, New York City 18-19.12.69: Compilation of all circulating material not available on Official releases
-"Message to Love" (8-13)
-"Ezy Rider" (3-5)
-"Message to Love" (14, 15)
-"Who Knows" (1-7)
-"Message to Love (17, 18)
-"Message to Love" (16)
-"Ezy Rider" (6)
-"Power of Soul" (38)
-"Earth Blues" (8)
-"Changes" (1, 2)
-"Lover Man" (5, 6)
-Low Gen except "Message To Love" (12, 13)
-"Ezy Rider" (3-4) & spot between "Message To Love" (11) and "Ezy Rider" (5): Lower Gen -Beginning of "Who Knows" (1-5) lifted from download-version available from Experience Hendrix

Digitally Restored & Speed-corrected to match Official material
-"Message To Love" (10) has some dropouts partially restored)
[note: Baggy's material not included in this set: "Izabella" (29) --> "Machine Gun" (37) as downloadable from Experience Hendrix @ jimihendrix.com / "Burning Desire" (1) & "Hoochie Coochie Man" (2) as released on the "Loose Ends" Vinyl (Clipped versions available on Dagger Records' "The Baggy's Rehearsal Sessions" CD) / "We Gotta Live Together" (5), "Baggy's Jam", "Earth Blues (18)" & "Burning Desire" (9) as released on "The Baggy's Rehearsal Sessions" CD / "Little Drummer Boy" (5) --> "Silent Night" (3) --> "Taps" --> "Auld Lang Syne" (6) as released on the "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" CD Single (Clipped, but more complete than the versions on the "... And A Happy New Year" Promo Single (Reprise PRO 595))]