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Joy Division live at Bowdon Vale Youth Club (1979)

Joy Division live at Bowdon Vale Youth Club, Altrincham, England.. on Wednesday 14th March 1979.

* 01 Exercise One
* 02 She's Lost Control
* 03 Shadowplay
* 04 Leaders Of Men
* 05 Insight
* 06 Disorder
* 07 Glass
* 08 Digital
* 09 Ice Age
* 10 Warsaw
* 11 Transmission
* 12 I Remember Nothing
* 13 No Love Lost



Estas fotos fueron tomadas por Martin O' Neill quien recuerda aquella noche con esta anecdota..

"Firstly, it was wild to have a band like Joy Division In a Youth Club !!...but my main memories are of first seeing Ian Curtis start dancing .. he really scared me .. I wondered what was wrong with him !! Then, after I'd walked around the room shooting various angles of the gig I ended up actually on the low stage with them (Wow to think I've stood on the same stage as Ian Curtis!!) ... I got behind Curtis and Hooky, and Hooky told me to fuck off! I was so proud that I'd been told to Fuck off by one of Joy Division !! ... Years later I photographed Hooky again for my local newspaper, and reminded him of that time ... He interrupted me by saying "I told you to Fuck off!" ... and then two years ago, at one of the events marking the 25th anniversary of Curtis' death, I finally asked Hooky for an autograph.

He wrote ... "I told you to Fuck off!" ... Brilliant!"

Para ver Todas las fotos que tomo esa noche pasen por su galeria:

Que lo disfruten!

Besos!! =)
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