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Track List:
1. Introduction
2. Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter (Part 1)
3. Life Was Never Fun
4. Author Dave Thompson
5. Growing Up, The Road To Nirvana
6. Early Nirvana
7. Editor Charles Cross
8. ..Speaks About Early Nirvana, & Revolving Drummers
9. Nevermind
10. Bob Guccione Jr.
11. Dave Thompson
12. Bob Guccione Jr.
13. The Demands Of Fame
14. Bob Guccione Jr. On The Alleged Feud w/ Eddie Vedder
15. On Courtney Love, Marriage And Hope
16. Parenthood
17. The Saturday Night Live Rumors
18. Visibly Suffering, Pressures And Drugs
19. MTV Unplugged
20. On Happiness, Fame And Popularity
21. T Icon
22. The Intensifying Drug Problems
23. Courtney Love
24. Missing Person, The Suicide
25. Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter (Part 2)
26. Gavin Rossdale Of Bush
27. Did We Really See Something, Placing The Blame
28. Would Nirvana Survive
29. The Memory Lives On
30. In Conclusion

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