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La chica que me robo el corazón + yapa.


sobre ella

It's in the cartoon « La famille pirate » that this strange pseudonym comes. We have to admit that Scampi ( the daughter ) sounded better than Bigorno ( the son ).

Since september 2008, served with Sheldon -the ukulele- Morgane, a 18 year-old girl, scratches these strings and has fun covering famous songs of Lily Allen, Sharko, Regina Spektor or Coldplay in a homemade version, a hat on head, toes under the blanket. Her videos navigating on youtube, Scampi started to interest people. In only a few months, almost 12.000 subscribers on youtube, and even her facebook page follows the movement !

A buzz spread beyond France, briging the young shrimp to perform her first gigs in Belgium, the 28th of october at « l'Escalier » in Liege, and the 29th at « Botanique » in Brussels.

Moreover, that's on stage that Scampi plays some of her original songs

alguno de sus videos

sus sitios web


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