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Mannie & The Swingin' Hipshakers - Off The Wall Jive (1998)

LYNWOOD SLIM nació en Placentia (California). Desde niño comenzó a tocar la trompeta pero a los 15 años se aficionó a la armónica. Aunque escuchaba a Jimmy Reed y Little Walter, optó por la carrera musical tras ver a Brooklyn Slim y Paul Oscher. Sus primeras actuaciones memorables le permitieron tocar con Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and others. Cuando las cosas se pusieron menos fáciles a mediados de los 70 al sur de California, se trasladó a Minneapolis. En menos de una semana trás su llegada, reemplazó a Kim wilson en una banda cuando éste se trasladó a Austin para formar The Fabulous Thunderbirds con Jimmy Vaughan. Momentaneamente creó The Lynwood Slim Band, trabajando a menudo con Leonard "Baby Doo" Caston, James Smith y Walter Horton. Su estilo se Swing Blues ganó numerosos premios concedidos por The Minnesota Music Academy. Slim retornó a Los Angeles por un corto espacio de tiempo donde se unió a Dave Specter trasladandose a Chicago en 1995. Varios años después, por circunstancias familiares y el resurgimiento de la escena al sur de California, volvió a casa. Con su presencia en Los Angeles, los conciertos en vivo en esta ciudad tomaron vida de nuevo. Slim y el productor Jerry Hall han producido a artistas europeos y americanos a lo largo de los años. En 1998, crearon su propio sello discográfico "Pacific Blue Recording Company". Este californiano trae años de experiencia, presencia dinámica en el escenario, potente voz de Blues y una de las armónicas de Blues más excitantes que nunca has escuchado.

01. Can't Understand Baby (3:33)
02. Every Night And Every Day (3:01)
03. Feel Like Cryin' Again (3:29)
04. Ramos Special (3:05)
05. Rhumba Bumba (1:53)
06. Love In Vain (3:04)
07. Nothing But A Fool (8:04)
08. Eyesight To The Blind (2:27)
09. Wildcattin' (3:58)
10. Certainly All (2:20)


Lynwood Slim - Guitar, Harmonica
Richard Duran - Producer
Kid Ramos - Guitar
Dave Bartholomew - Composer
Otis Grand - Guitar
Fats Domino - Composer

There's something cooking in Ottawa, but it has little to do with politics. Mannie and the Swingin' Hipshakers have fashioned a powerful blues recording that is billed as "jump swing," yet there's no reason to expand on that trendy notion. It's a bold, meaty and mature venture that makes the most of its power trio format, aided and abetted by hired guns Kid Ramos, Otis Grand and Lynwood Slim. The disc's best tracks, however, originate with the steamin' little trio themselves, including drummer Artie Makris's "Rhumba Rhumba," featuring big brother Mannie's near-lethal guitar lines and the slinky, low-down groove of "Love In Vain," showcasing the smooth, seductive rhythm section of both Artie and bassist Peter Sack. And despite a somewhat forced retro image, this is one impressive set of smokin' barroom blues by any definition. On the downside, it clocks in at only 35 minutes and it takes a few tracks to get going, but it soon sinks its teeth deep into the skin and won't let go. It's hard to believe so much music can come from a blues trio, and the combustible energy contained here must translate to a stage show like oxygen to open flame. There are a few stumbles, musically, but the guest appearances more than compensate for any holes, and the production quality is top-notch for any indie release. Theirs is an authentic blues groove, making the fact that this is their first release all the more exceptional. ~By Eric Thom

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