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CD 1 (from official bootlegs)

01. American in Me (Avengers)
02. Sad
03. Black, Red, Yellow
04. Running back to Saskatoon (Guess Who)
05. Gone (New Song)
06. Undone
07. Hard to Imagine (Acoustic Version)
08. Bee Girl (Electric Version)
09. Alone
10. Where You Go (Improvisation)
11. BetterMan / I Wanna be your Boyfriend
12. Can't Keep (Vedder on Uke)
13. Don't Gimme No Lip
14. To Our Home (Improvisation)
15. Little Sister (Elvis Presley)
16. Modern Girl (Sleater-Kinney)
17. Improvisation
18. Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)
19. A Sort Of Homecoming (U2)
20. Bleed For Me (Dead Kennedys)
21. Harvest Moon (Ed with Sleater-Kinney)
22. Leaving Here (with Sleater-Kinney)
23. Rockin in the Free World (with Bono)

CD 2 (from unofficial bootlegs)

01. Ol' Man River (Ed with U2)
02. Atlantic City (Ed at a preset)
03. No Surrender (Ed at a preset)
04. Mother (Sleater-Kinney, Mike, Jeff & Matt)
05. Ol' Man River (Ed, U2 and Daniel Lanois)
06. The Promised Lan (Ed and Sleater-Kinney)
07. Fool in the Rain (with Robert Plant)
08. Money (with Robert Plant)
09. Thank You (with Robert Plant)
10. Wild Horses (Ed with Rolling Stones)


Ya se q esta página es conocida, pero estos 2 CDs q estan ahi se rajan, de verdad. Mieren con quienes tocan.