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Q And Not U - Power

1. Wonderful People
2. 7 Daughters
3. L.A.X.
4. Throw Back Your Head
5. Wet Work
6. District Night Prayer
7. Collect the Diamonds
8. Beautiful Beats
9. Dine
10. X-Polynation
11. Passwords
12. Book of Flags
13. Tag-Tag

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nice es el que faltaba 😊 +10


[quote]Influenced By

  • Sonic Youth
  • Hoover
  • Circus Lupus

esto resume bastante bien
no tengo ptos pero lo bajo par escuchar..thxz



In 2000, Dischord records signed two unique new bands that both embodied the sound of
their forefathers while pushing the boundaries of Dischord-style rock to new arenas.
Q and Not U, formed from ex-members of Elusive, John Davis, Harris Klahr and Chris
Richards, were the more straightforward and enigmatic of the two (Faraquet being only
slightly on the more technical end). Their full-length debut, No Kill No Beep Beep,
proved their ability to write complex yet catchy rock songs with quite a bit of
repeat value. Through extensive touring, they began to cement a die-hard fan base
with their live shows characterized by wild and upbeat good times for all. In early
2002, bassist Matt Borlik left the band for artistic reasons. They continued without
him as a three-piece and released the slightly more offbeat single "On Play Patterns"
later that year. Q and Not U didn't waste much time; tour dates planned for North
America, Europe and Japan coincided the band's third Ian MacKaye-produced
full-length, Different Damage into early 2003. Power appeared in fall 2004.

Group Members

* John Davis
* Matt Borlik
* Harris Klahr
* Chris Richards

Similar Artists

* Faraquet
* Les Savy Fav
* The Promise Ring
* At the Drive-In
* Drive Like Jehu
* The Teen Idles
* Fugazi
* Black Eyes
* The Constantines

Influenced By

* Sonic Youth
* Hoover
* Circus Lupus




para los NO conocedores, podrias poner el genero la prox pls.. thx