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Section-5 - Rejected




1. Beggars Tale
2. Load Of Bollox
3. England
4. Common Man
5. Give It Back!
6. Smash It Up
7. You Have A Choice
8. Do What I Wanna Do
9. Vicitm Of Poverty
10. Boy Band
11. Oi! Not Politics
12. Rejected


pass: www.hangoverhard.blogspot.com

size: 51.87 mb
format: mp3
genre: punk, oi , hardcore
date: August 21, 2001
label: Step 1 UK

The band is the brainchild of Klosec and until quite recently John "Sid" Berry. Along the way, they've been aided and abetted by Tezz who has gigged with Discharge/Broken Bones/Ministry and the UK Subs, among a zillion others. Honorable mention must also be made of Fish from The Skeptix, as well as Steve and Neil "Lurch" Walker from Close Shave. Rat from Rough Kutz has been known to share the boards with the band from time to time, too. If you want to keep a scorecard, that means Section 5 has successfully absorbed spiky headed anarchy men (Discharge/Skeptix), unreconstructed Oi boys (Shave) and ska hitmen (Kutz) on one beer soaked stage.
It's true Tosh is the only original member left from the band's inception circa 1982 in England's Stoke-On-Trent, but unlike almost all their compatriots, the amazing thing is that Section 5 has never broken up. Tosh has merely re-shuffled the line-ups and kept plugging. Tosh is not a man to deal with cash-ins, nostalgia, or pretending 2006 is the same as 1983. They've released one mini-LP, eight full-length albums and literally countless compilation tracks and numerous singles. And I've honestly yet to hear something bad from the group. Certainly some records are better than others, but all have some merit. I consider myself a politically minded person. I've gone from teen reactionary to proud lefty. (You can take the boy out of Cambridge, MA…..) . Section 5 has always considered themselves non-political and open to all. Whether they like it or not, that can be perceived as a stance in of itself. And they've suffered for it. By their own admission sometimes it's been self-inflicted. Still, their egalitarian entrance policy for both fans and actual members speaks for itself. More pointedly, their recent cancellation of a large gig in Germany due to the dubious associations of one of the bands on the bill, plus the ending of a long standing feud with a very well known left wing band are the only other pieces of evidence I need. And I sure as hell don't need any evidence to know a great band when I hear one.
This interview would have existed solely in my head if it weren't for the superhuman efforts of Fish from The Skeptix, who actually tracked down Tosh for the interrogation. Many, many heartfelt thanks, Fish. Section 5. They've think it's all over. Is it, fuck?

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