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sevendust - best of (chapter one 1997-2004)

1. Black
2. Bitch
3. Too Close To Hate
4. Denial
5. Waffle (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
6. Assdrop
7. Bender (feat. Chino of Deftones)
8. Angel's Son
9. Praise
10. Follow (feat. Aaron Lewis of Staind)
11. Enemy
12. Face To Face
13. Coward ("Seasons" B Side, previous UK bonus track)
14. Rain ("Seasons" B Side, previous UK bonus track)
15. Inner City Blues (Marvin Gaye cover, bonus DVD audio track included w/ "Seasons"
16. School's Out (Alice Cooper cover, B Side from "Homework" promo only EP)

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