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Spermbirds - Common Thread


Common Thread


1. Melt the Ice
2. Open Letter
3. Two Feet
4. Stronger
5. Only a Phase
6. One Chance
7. WIth a Gun
8. Common Thread
9. Truth of Today
10. Victim of Yourself
11. I Might Kill You **bonus
12. Dangers of Thinking ** bonus
13. Hidding ** bonus


pass: hangoverhard

size: 87.69 mb
format: mp3
bitrate: 320 kbps
origin: germany

Probably not that many folks know about this band except German punx. German punk band from the mid 80's with a U.S. singer who was apparently living there due to the military (maybe his family was there for the military?). He's a great vocalist. This LP is part of the downhill trend that this band had. They started brilliantly with 'Something To Prove', their first LP. Ever notice many bands do their best work on their first LP? I guess that means they built to a surge of greatness but didn't have the long haul which only a few bands are capable of. There's a song on STP, "That's the Best Thing About Punk Rock, Anyone Can Get On the Stage" (at least that's the great refrain). The whole LP is real solid, fun, funny lyrics on several songs and dynamic vocals.
Interestingly, this band had a version of itself without the American singer (although he guested on 1 or 2 songs) of their alter-ego band, Walter Elf (or Walter II). The two bands did a split 7" together (a classic version of punx sharing resources and not having one over another). Walter Elf had a singer who sang in German. I had a German punk once translate a few lyrics for me cuz their music is quite emotional. They can be in a way that few punk band, or, for that matter, any band can, in my experience, and it's musically emotional cuz I never understood what they were singin' about. Sure, get this if it's all that's available, you won't be let down. First, as ever, listen to samples from this web site. Meanwhile, look for STP, it's maybe the best German punk LP ever (along with SKEEZICKS and PANDEMONIUM. Hay, wait a minute? did SKEEZICKS do an LP or just lots of 7"s? I forget.) I love STP. Get to know it, tight musicians and the vocalist has a real presence. The other reviewer references FUGAZI. I don't consider that a compliment. To me FUGAZI did about 1 good song and all the while I'm mourning the loss of the incredible MINOR THREAT. Oh well. So, repetir: STP is great, Common Thread is just ok with some cool songs. Now, off with you...

Thnx. Nagiants40 & hangoverhard
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