Sublime - Rarezas

Sublime - Bums Lie (1995) Bootleg

Original demos of songs from Robbin' the Hood. Also contains the interview from KROQ in which daterape was pulled from the playlist because they smoked a joint.


Sublime - Doin' Time

1 Doin' Time (Bradley Version)
2 Doin' Time (Remixed by Wyclef Jean)
3 Doin' Time (Remixed by Marshall Arts Featuring the Pharcyde)
4 Doin' Time (Album Version)


Sublime - Jah Won't Pay the Bills (1991)

1. D.J.s
2. Badfish
3. Let's Go Get Stoned
4. New Song
5. Had a DAT
6. Don't Push
7. Ball and Chain
8. Slow Ride
9. Date Rape
10.Live at E's



***Nota: Calculo que son rarezas, si alguno se anima a bajar uno comente de que se trata...
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