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Garage Rock is a type of rock music created in the 1960s often by young musicians playing guitars, organs and drums. These bands generally started playing in a member's garage. Many groups recorded just one or two records. They were often locally well known, either winning "Battles of the Bands" or playing at local nightclubs. Their records often did well in their home or regional market but may not have charted nationally. Some did have national or even international success, but generally only with one record, although they may have recorded many. In the early to mid 1970s, Garage Rock was rediscovered and re-released on many compilation albums starting with the Nuggets series. College radio stations began playing this music around this time. New groups began to record covers of Garage songs. Today, there are still many original Garage bands playing as well as new groups that play covers as well as their own Garage influenced material. Garage Rock is related to three other genres of rock -- oldies, punk and psychedelic. Generally up-tempo and not usually complex, the music exudes youthful confidence and rebellion.

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