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The Adverts - Cast of Thousands

The Adverts

Cast of Thousands


1. Cast of Thousands
2. Adverts
3. My Place
4. Male Assault
5. Television's Over
6. Fate of Criminals
7. Love Songs
8. I Surrender
9. I Looked at the Sun
10. I Will Walk You Home
11. Television's Over [Single Version]
  • 12. Back From the Dead
  • 13. New Church
  • 14. Cast of Thousands [Single Version]


    pass = hangoverhard

    size: 52 mb
    format: mp3
    genre: punk
    origin: uk

    2003 reissue of the British punk's 1980 sophomore album includes four bonus tracks, 'Television's Over' (single version), 'Back From The Dead', 'New Church' (live), & 'Cast Of Thousands' (single version). Sleeve notes include a brief history of the band along with song lyrics. Anagram. 2003. Although some of TV's solo stuff does veer too far into New Wave territory, this LP will always be one of my favorite records. More than any other Adverts material, this LP holds together as a solid, unblinking stare into our f'd up world as TV Smith sees it. "Cast of Thousands" is punk rock on an epic scale. The songs, although played and recorded as a totally raw mess, are as close to rock opera as punk rock gets. Somehow the tinny production and cheesy synths only help to elevate the soaring, passionate vocals higher, and emphasize lyrics that rip to the heart of our heartless consumer culture. Lyrics to songs like "My Place," "Adverts," or "Television's Over" are as relevant to today's capitalist dystopia as Huxley, and moreso than Orwell. The last three tracks, while slowing down the pace to ballad territory, only wrench more out of TV's anguished voice. The casual punk listener will continue to write off this record as irrelevant to their pat version of rock history, but those who feel the Adverts like a punch to the gut need to own this. --- By polpotluck (BOSTON)

    Thanx. Nagiants40
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