The Chemical Brothers - Flip the switch + EP

1. Galvanise
('s galvatron remix feat. Katie Enlow)
2. The Boxer
(Fujikato's Unusual remix)
3. Believe
(Belief, Elektric Cowboy)
4. Hold Tight London
(Dunproofin's Follow Me mix feat. Katie Enlow)
5. Come Inside
(FakeID's Elektrophunk dub)
6. The Big Jump
(Backflip, Will Rokier)
7. Left Right
(JoolsMF Shoot'em Up mix)
8. Close Your Eyes
(Idiotech remix)
9. Shake Break Bounce
(McSleazy remix)
10. Marvo Ging
(Big Bad Baz)
11. Surface To Air
(Across the Air, Lenlow, feat. Katie Enlow)

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1. Believe
(Belief, Electric Cowboy)
2. Believe
(Poj Mix)
3. Believe
(GHP Louder Mix)
4. Believe
(Act Of Dog's Self Doubt Mix)
5. Believe
(Team9's Chopper Mix)
6. Believe
(Ryan Durkin Mix)