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The Motards - Rock Kids

The Motards

Rock Kids


1. johnny tremaine
2. big fun
3. cash america
4. no no the girlfriend
5. i can't wait
6. drivin' me to drink
7. you make me sick
8. gotta get drunk
9. hangover
10. i got time
11. do you wanna do it
12. zombies
13. shut yer face
14. who needs you around
15. lone wolf
16. bonanza
17. paycheck
18. stick it in

pass = hangoverhard

size: 24.65
format: mp3
genre: punk

"Rock Kids" will probably go down as one of the most unheralded and underappreciated punk rock albums of the 1990s. The 'Tards caustic, cranky and snarly songs singe everything in their path, but the band seems too sloshed to care if you're dancing, blowing chunks or trying to make sense of the rockabilly freak-out invading your basement. For them, sentiments like "You Make Me Sick" are unfiltered and joyous statements of fact, and story-songs like the gonads-to-the-wall "Johnny Tremaine" spring from an underground economy where a person's worth is easily defined: Hook me up, and I'll hook you up. It's that simple, and "Rock Kids" is that friggin' wonderful.

Thnx. Nagiants40 & hangoverhard
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