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The Soviettes - The Soviettes

The Soviettes

The Soviettes

Track Listings

1. Blue Stars
2. Bottom's Up, Bottomed Out
3. 9th St.
4. 1308
5. Go Lambs Go!
6. B Squad
7. Tailwind
8. Matt's Song
9. Clueless
10. Thin Ice
11. Land of Clear Blue Radio
12. Undeliverable
13. Cuff Wars
14. Her Neon Heart

pass: hangoverhard

size: 51.84 mb
format: mp3
genre: punk
label: Adeline Records
date: June 17, 2003
origin: usa

The Soviettes were a four-person punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 2001. The group was composed of Annie (guitar), Sturgeon (guitar), Susy (bass guitar), and the sole male in the band, Danny (drums), all of whom switched off singing duties.

Thnx. Nagiants40 & hangoverhard
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