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Martin's Tune
A guitar instrumental written and played in 1968 and broadcasted by Stockholm radio on January 9 1969.

Guitar Solo
Another audience recording made during the concert in Frankfurt, Germany, February 1970, featuring Martin Barre on guitar and Clive Bunker on drums.

Tomorrow Was Today
This song originates from the Aqualung sessions of 1971 and was never released on record. It was played live during the Aqualung tour of 1971 - 1972.

Silver lights are flashing all along the motorway --
there's 100,000 travellers [passengers?] who are 21 today.
So it's goodnight, stay bright,
well it's goodnight, sleep tight [or don't look back],
well it's goodnight, don't fight --
tomorrow was today.

Well I'm going down to London town
with a wine glass in my hand
to celebrate the consciousness of the Universal Man.
So it's goodnight, stay bright,
well it's goodnight, don't fight,
well it's goodnight, sleep tight --
tomorrow was today.

Hard Headed English General
Also known as "Hot Headed English General". Played from 1972 - 1975 during encore medleys of "Aqualung", "Wind Up" and "Locomotive Breath". It is likely that this song was written during the Aqualung or Château d'Hérouville sessions. The lyrics read as follows:

The hard-headed English general looks to his god above,
reviews the possibilities of making war not love.
So if you're who you think you are,
and the people in this song don't seem as real as fruitcake [?],
well, you know I must have sung it wrong.

The double album Jethro Tull planned early 1973 - for which they used the Chateau d'Hérouville studios in France - was never completed and parts of the material was never released on record. One of them is a three minute segment of a take that was never finished and is by Sam Therouin baptised as 'Sailor'. It definitely stems from the "Chateau D'isaster" tapes as it is crammed between the ending of Skating Away and the beginning of No Rehearsal. It was played live in August 1972. The lyrics are as follows:

"When the holy film director decides to take a look,
refers to the pages of his holy book,
sends the warm rain falling from the sky,
if you've never been a sailor better try
if you've never been a sailor you better try."

Intro War Child Tour
Outtake of the War Child sessions, probably one of the pieces composed for the abandoned film project.

War Child Waltz
An unused piece from the "War Child" sessions also known as the Warchild Suite.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window
Played live at least during the 1974 concert in Copenhagen, Cardiff and during the Australian tour. It was played and sung by Jeffrey Hammond.

Pop Goes The Weasel
Instrumental played live at least at the Los Angeles Forum, February 10th.

Keyboard Instrumental[/url Played live during the American leg of the Warchild tour, featuring John Evans on keyboards, who is accompanied by the string quartet that toured with Tull. [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/guitar.mp3]Instrumental[/url] Another instrumental from the same tour, this one feautures Martin Barre. [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/guitar2.mp3]Instrumental[/url] Audience recording of a guitar improvisation by Martin Barre from the "Too Old To Rock 'n Roll" tour. This one is from the Munich gig, May 15 1976. [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/guitar3.mp3]Guitar Solo[/url] Audience recording of a guitar improvisation by Martin Barre from the "Too Old To Rock 'n Roll" tour, also from the Munich gig. [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/finale.mp3]Finale[/url] Another instrumental piece played during this tour, also from the Munich gig. [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/16beethovens9thsymphony1977.mp3]Ninth Symphony[/url] Parts of this Beethoven symphony (the second and fourth movements) were infrequently played from 1976 to 1979 when David Palmer was a Jethro Tull member. [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/wardrobewhopper.mp3]Wardrobe Whopper[/url] Played live at the London concert of February 10 1977. According to Laufi it's not a real song, but a 26 seconds sample of jamming in the studio. Sascha Kilian comments: "You can see and hear the exactly same version of the 'Songs from the wooden grammophone"-song in the BBC documentary 'Lively Arts' of January 11, 1980. The "clever" bootlegger took this part of the film, and some work-in-progress bits of "Dark ages" and put it on the a.m. CD. It's just Ian an the boys jamming away in the Whardrope, minutes before the gig". [url=http://www.cupofwonder.com/18pompandcircumstance1970.mp3]Pomp And Circumstance[/url] Played as a part of the Locomotive Breath medley, recorded in London for The BBC "Sight & Sound In Concert"programma, February 10 1977. It's England's unofficial anthem, Elgar's 'Pomp and Circumstance No. 1 in D, Op. 39 ', commonly known as 'Land Of Hope & Glory. Más tarde pongo más (1979-1988 y 1989-2001)