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V/A - Fat Wreck Chords X-Mas (2006)


01-Strike Anywhere - Hollywood Cemetery (Acoustic)
02-Smoke Or Fire - Melatonin
03-Only Crime - Eyes Of The World
04-NoFx - No Way (Adolescents Cover)
05-Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - City Of New Orleans
06-Mad Caddies - Backyard
07-The Loved Ones - Spy Diddley
08-Floyd - Intermission
09-Leftover Crack - World War 4
10-The Lawrance Arms - The Rabbit And The Rooster
11-Lagwagon - Never Stops (Live)
12-Dead To Me - Special Professional
13-Citizen Fish - Getting Used To It
14-Bad Astronaut - Minus
15-Against me! - Don't Lose Touch (Acoustic)

Edit: mp3 a 192kbps.

14Dec, 2006
I know that you were probably looking forward to getting a succulent ham or a $36 gift certificate to Hickory Farms but we thought we would give you something where you didn’t have to look at your loved one and go, “Wow, a uh reindeer doormat…uh…I’ve been..wanting one of these? Thanks?” We present to you our X-MAS BONUS ONLINE WINTER RARITIES PLAYER! It features previously unreleased and rare tracks from NOFX, Strike Anywhere, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon, etc. as well as brand new songs from Only Crime, Smoke or Fire, Leftover Crack and many more. You can stream it or just download the whole damn thing onto your walkman. The player is also available as a podcast (#8) here.

Sacado de: http://www.fatwreck.com/news/

Link DD: http://www.fatwreck.com/xmasbonus/