El "Goobuntu" no es un Ubuntu, sino un RedHat?


A few days ago, we wrote about Goobuntu, Google's own version of the Operative System Ubuntu, which has just been created "for inside use" of the company. Mark Shuttleworth himself, a Southafrican millionaire businessman and the creator of Ubuntu, writes about Goobuntu on his blog and confirms that none Ubuntu versions are being distributed as a 'Google Operative System'.

Shuttleworth unveils that Google uses its own versions of certain Linux distributions, such as RedHat, SUSE o Debian. He also says that Google engineers have been contributing in Ubuntu with several patches that try to be part of the following versions of the OS.

José Tomás García, Spanish Linux fan, was lucky enough to visit some days ago Google headquarters in California and he says in his blog that he could see some 'Goobuntus' around there, as well as some 'Mac OS X'. However, the truth seems to be that they use a RedHat-based OS as this image(*) taken from a PC from Google and also this post taken from the blog of one of the company's engineers seem to point out. Google signed an agreement with RedHat in 2000 in order to supply the technology required to make the search engine servers work.

It's obvious that Google is interested in building a great experience and knowing all the peculiarities of every Operative System that goes with data access devices (PCs, mobile phones, PDAs). Maybe not to launch its own version, but surely to take part in the different project that are being carried out.

Fuente: http://google-blog.dirson.com/