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Google Calendar ahora con LABS!!!

Se han agragado algunas nuevas funciones a Google Calendar:

Background image
Brighten your day with a background image in your calendar. After you enable this feature, you’ll find background image options on the General Settings page

Attach Google Docs
Attach a Google Docs word processing document, spreadsheet or presentation to your event. (Important: guests do not automatically have permission to view an attached document. You must share each attached document.

World clock
Keep track of the time around the world. Plus: when you click an event, you’ll see the start time in each time zone as well.

Jump to date
Quickly navigate to dates in the distant future or past (actual time travel not yet supported).
Next meeting

Free or busy
See which of your friends are free or busy right now (requires that friends share their Google Calendars with you.

Next Meeting
See what’s coming up next in your calendar.

Es una pequeña lista de las funciones disponibles por ahora.
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