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There is now 3.9.0, the beta for 4.0, available as a windows installer, rpm, or source.

If you find any problems in this beta please send mail to bugs at lists dot bittorrent dot com. Note that the following is a known issue: on OS X and some BSDs, if the client takes a lot of CPU time, run with "--enable_bad_libc_workaround 1"

New in 3.9.0:

* All new queue-based user interface
* Remembers what it was doing across restarts
* Includes an improved .torrent maker with the regular install
* Single port: launchmany can seed many files from a single port and thread
* Better performance
* completedir no longer exists, use btmaketorrentgui or btmaketorrent
* License has changed to the BitTorrent Open Source License
* Torrent fields are correctly created and interpreted as utf8
* BitTorrent packets are marked as bulk data to make traffic shaping easier
* Too many little things to list

Al fin una versión oficial como la gente. Igual, yo creo que me voy a seguir quedando con BitComet sobre Windows al menos.

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