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Diario Popular is a local newspaper published in Sarandí, Argentina, and read widely in the surrounding southern Greater Buenos Aires suburbs of Avellaneda, Lanús and Quilmes.

The publication was founded by Jorge Fascetto, the majority owner and director of El Día, the principal news daily in La Plata, on July 1, 1974. Fascetto envisaged Diario Popular as a replacement for Crónica, whose bold editorial style had earned it the nation's second-highest circulation, and a closure order by President Juan Perón.

Following the founder's July 17 murder by the far-left Montoneros, Raúl Kraiselburd, his son, assumed control of El Día and Diario Popular. These publications became supporters of the dictatorship installed in 1976, though the latter took a more populist stance with the advent of democracy in 1983. Printed in tabloid format in the southern Buenos Aires suburb of Sarandí, it grew to become the most important publication in the Kraiselburd Group, as well as the third most-widely circulated in the Buenos Aires metro area.