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2: The number of the blow of siren which gives Chile de Ned.

3: The number of children whom have Simpson (Bart, LISA, Maggie).

5: The number of blow of siren which was supposed to be given Chile de Ned.

8: The number of children whom Apu has.

48$: Money that Krusty must with the Maffia.

742: Number of the house of Simpson in the street Evergreen Terrace in Springfield in the USA.

847,63$: It is the average cost monthly American to occupy itself of a baby and the price that Maggie in the credits costs.


- ABC: network that Homer tried to sell before Fox does not buy it.

- Abraham: The father of Homer, called Abraham Simpson and says Abe or Grampa.

- A Burns for all let us seasons: it is the English name of film that made Mr. Burns for the festival of film of Springfield.

- Aye Caramba: The preferred expression of Bart. Into French, one could translate this one by "Oh not!" and to the Homer way, one could say "oh!".

- A noble spirit embiggens the smallest mana: the English currency of Springfield


- Bartman: Bartman is the super imaginary hero in whom Bart is disguised sometimes.

- Be Sharps: Homer' S Barbershop Quartet which was composed of Homer Simpson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, principal Skinner and Chef Wiggum (replaced later by Barney Gumble).

- Blinky: The fish has three eyes which was found in a water level apart from the nuclear thermal power station.

- Ball of Snow: The old cat of company of Simpson.

- Ball of Snow 2: The new cat of company of Simpson.

- Brat: Anagram that Matt Groening with used for created the name Bart. Brat means English Voyou.

- Brockman Kent: Kent Brockman is a tele presenter has Channel 6.

- Burns Charles Montgomery: Monty Burns is the owner the this nuclear thermal power station of Springfield.

- Burns Larry: Larry is the son unworthy of Mr Burns.


- Capitol City: Large city beside Springfield.

- Carlson: Known as more usually Carl, he is the best friend of Lenny and is insane bar of Moe.

- Chatman Cornelious: The oldest resident of Springfield.

- Comic Book Guy: Manager of the store of BDs de Springfield. Its true name is unknown.


- Of oh! : The favorite expression of Homer wanting to say "flute!". In VO, Homer exclaims "to You oh".

- C the Bartman: Song extracted CD The Simpsons - Sing the Blues left in 1990. More infos on this CD and words of C the Bartman available here (http://www.simpsonspark.com/lyrics_cd1.php)

- Duff: Mark the most widespread beer with Springfield.

- Duffman: Mascot of the Duff beer.


- El Barto: The signature of Bart when it makes grafitis on the walls of Springfield.

- El Grampo: The signature that Abraham Simpson (Grampa) uses for its grafitis (see Comic Simpson n°35).


- Flanders: The family close to Simpson made up of Ned, Rod, Todd and Maude (deceased).

- Frink John: Professor Frink is an insane scientist with ideas of inventions complétement weak and eccentric.


- Gabbo: Poupée of ventriloque Arthur Randall.

- Gumble Barney: Barney is a soak who spends all these days to the Bar of Moe. It is the best friend of Homer even if it is because of him that it east started to drinking.


- Hershel Krustofski: Real name of Krusty the clown.

- Hibbert Julius: It is the family practitioner Simpson but also a friend.

- Honeybunch: Name of the boat where Homer wanted to work.

- Hoover Elisabeth: Miss Hoover is the teacher of LISA.

- Hutz Lionel: Lionel Hutz is a lawyer, he is regularly engaged by Simpson.


- Isotopes, Springfield: Name of the local team of baseball.

- Itchy: The mouse of the drawing animated The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


- Jojo: The second first name of Bart.

- Jones Jimbo: One of the worst kids of the elementary school of Springfield.


- Krappabel Edna: Edna is the teacher of Bart.

- Krusty the Clown: The popular entertainer of the children of Springfield. Its true name is Herschel Krustofsky.

- Kwik-E-Mart: Local Superette of Springfield. Directed by APU Nahasapeemapetilon.

- Kwyjibo: Species of large monkey of South America (according to Bart).


- Lardlad: A mark of Donuts.

- Léonard: Known as more usually Lenny, he is the best friend of Carl and is insane bar of Moe.

- Lovejoy: Family made up of Timothy (révérand Lovejoy), Helen (its wife) and Jessica (their daughter).


- McClure Troy: Troy McClure is a presenter of documentary.

- Moleman Hans: Old resident of Springfield, it is awkward and dies in many occasions.

- Monroe Marvin: Marvin Monroe is the only psychoanalyst of Springfield and that of Simpson.

- Muntz Nelson: Nelson is the terror of the school of Springfield. It likes much to knock the head of the other pupils.

- Murphy, Bleeding Gums: Local legend of saxaphone. Brother of Dr. Julius Hibbert.


- Nahasapeemapetilon APU: Owner of Kwik-E-Mart.

- Joe Neutron: Joe Neutron is a character presenting the report "the operation of the nuclear energy" at the time of the visit of the class of Bart at the nuclear thermal power station in the episode "an atom of good direction".


- Omnitouch: A cellular company of telephone.

- Otto: Known as Otto Drunk, it is the driver of the school bus.


- Small Christmas Dad: The dog of company of Simpson.

- PinPals: Name of the team of Bownling de Homer.

- Powell Herbert: Half-brother of Homer.

- Power Max: The new name of Homer in an episode.

- Prince Martin: Martin is a gross tète (IQ of 216) and also a balance which does not hesitate to denounce these comrades when they cheat. He is in the same class as Bart.


- Quimby Joe: It is the mayor of Springfield. Its true name is Quimby Joseph Diamond.


- Radio Activates Man: It is the hero of the preferred comic of Bart and its friends.

- Riviera Nick: This type is true swindlers, it practises medicine without any diploma and is the shame of the medical profession.


- Scratchy: The cat of the drawing animated The Itchy & Scratchy Show.

- Sea Captain: Contractor of Springfield. Its true name is a McCallister captain.

- Simpson: It is of course the FFF (Favorite Family of the French-speaking people) made up of Homer, Marge, Bart, LISA, Maggie and Abraham...

- Skinner Seymour: The main thing of the elementary school of Springfield.

- Smithers Waylon : Waylon is the old one licks boot of Mr Burns. His/her son (Waylon Smithers Junior) is the new one, it is in love with Mr Burns besides.

- SNPP: Springfield Nuclear Power Plant means in French Nuclear thermal power station of Springfield.

- Springfield: The city where Simpson lives.

- Springfield Jébédiah: Jébédiah Springfield is the founder of the town of Springfield.

- Squishy: Made drink of syrup and ice.

- Szyzlack Moe: The manager of the bar preferred of Homer, Carl, Lenny and Barney (Bar of Moe).


- stone Masons: Group secret of Springfield which vénere a parchment thus crowned the chief is Number one.

- Tempsarian Armin: The real name of the Skinner main thing.

- Terwilliger Robert: Known as Tahiti Bob, it is the former assistant of Krusty the Clown.

- The Itchy & Scratchy Show: The preferred animated drawing of all the children of Springfield.


- a noble spirit increases smallest of the men : the currency of Springfield.


- Van Houten: Family made up of Milhouse which is the best friend of Bart; of Kirk (his/her father) and Luann (his/her mother). The parents are divorced.


- Wiggum: The Wiggum family is made up of Clancy (chief of the police force), of Sarah and Ralph (comrade of class of LISA).

- Willie: Invited "the odd-job man", he is the gardener and caretaker of the elementary school of Springfield.


Currently no definition with this letter.


- Yakusa: Bandage Japanese rival of the Maffia of Springfield of which made party Gros Tony.


Currently no definition with this letter.