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link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rh1AZ_Nnf4&index=8&list=TLSa6fdAGoOtHBVid6p-JmQ8MQnn7MZ1yq

Un ladrón recibe disparos mientras robaba una moto:

Un dramatico video se ha viralizado en la web en el cual un ladron que intentaba robar una moto en una calle de Sao Pablo es asesinado a disparos por un oficial de policia que salto a la acción cuando vio al ladrón desde un auto no identificado.

Originally posted on LiveLeak, the footage captured by a helmet camera belonging to the rider of the coveted motorcycle is clear and graphic. It shows in detail the moment one of the two would-be hijackers on another bike seizes the motorcycle's handle bar and forces the rider to give up his machine at gunpoint.

The bike's owner then retreats to the side of the road allows the pillion passenger to take his high-performance Honda. Just a moment before the thief is able to ride off, a policeman emerges from an unmarked car and fires two shots from a sidearm into the man, knocking him from the bike. The other thief is seen speeding away.

From its position on the ground, the helmet camera captures the passing minutes as police berate the injured man while waits for an ambulance.

Unformed reports say the young would-be hijacker later died from his injuries.