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LLega The Godfather... promete muy mucho...

Quien no sueña con convertirce en un Michael Corleone o en un Sonny...

# The world of The Godfather: Experience a decade of violence in New York City from 1945-55.

# Classic Film Moments: Non-linear action adventure gameplay with missions direct from the film and original missions with characters from film provides an experience for all types of gamers.

# Put yourself in the Godfather: Players will create their own mobster and put themselves in the action of the game and experience the fiction of The Godfather.

# Respect and Consequences: Players will use their powers of loyalty and fear to earn respect throughout New York City. Decisions made by the player in the game will have lasting consequences.

# Persistent world: Your character will interact freely with other characters in the world. Depending on your needs in the game and how you choose to play the game, by violent or intimidating means or respectful or negotiating means, the characters in the world will remember your interactions with them and your interactions will affect the outcome of the game.

# Compete for New York: The control of New York will be challenged by the five families from the fiction including the Corleone, Tattaglia, Cuneo, Barzini and Stracci families.

# Mark Winegardner, author of the novel Godfather Returns, is providing story editing and fiction insight.

Hay que esperar un toque.... maldición

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