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Robert "Crotale" Kihlberg reaches 6GHz at DreamHack

Our very own overclocking guru Robert "Crotale" Kilhberg has as usual spent a lot of his time at DreamHack in NordicHardware's booth doing some extreme overclocking attempts. Last summer it was a Celeron 2.53 which was overclocked to 5.2GHz with dry ice. This year the goal was 6GHz with a Pentium 4 660 (3.6 GHz) and to reach this magical number we used a cascade compressor system, which you could take a peak at in our booth, when and where it lowered the temperature to about -100 degrees Celsius on the processor. Unfortunately not everything went as planned at DreamHack Winter 2005 and the motherboard Crotale had prepared for the overclocking tests gave up way too early.

Thanks to some quick assistance by ABIT, which lent us the board they had in their demo computer (ABIT AW8-Max) Robert could start again and after many attempts he finally managed to go past 6GHz. The final result was 6009MHz and after all the commotion it is a pretty nice result. If there was anyone who was even happier than Robert it might have been Peter Billing who had the best guess and could go home with a water cooling kit by Corsair.

Below you can see some nice pictures from the overclocking attempts.

Video [20.6MB .mov]

Fuente: http://www.nordichardware.com/news,2518.html