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"The giant platform that allows you to publish an image or message forever, wherever you want on earth"

Pixelsearth is a new platform for recreating the whole world using millions of images.

This platform allows you to purchase a 'plot' of pixels and add any image or message to them that will be visible to everyone forever, including an hyperlink to another website.

In addition all purchases will be displayed at the Hall of pixels.

The original idea came up in 2005 to Alex Tew with The Million Dollar Homepage. This website was a great success almost 10 years ago. However, it still has a great potential so Pixelsearth was bornt.

"Surprise someone!"

"Create an everlasting message!"

"Make your mark."

"Own a piece of history."

"Customize the block as you want."

"A new form of advertising."

"Reflect an image to remember."

You can see a video from the this idea in this video or in Youtube: