Grosa que... tenia que estudiar XD

Stranger: hello
You: kiando murio?
Stranger: yes
You: D:
Stranger: you?
You: no
Stranger: i have no idea whgat that means lol
You: do you know david guetta?
Stranger: yes i do
You: do you like him?
Stranger: yeah sometimes
You: me too
You: I like electronic music?
Stranger: yessum
You: ehh
You: i like.
Stranger: where you from?
You: Argentina
You: you?
Stranger: australia
You: wow
Stranger: i dont think ive ever spoken to someone from argentinia before haha
You: I think Australia is cool
Stranger: *argentina
Stranger: why is that haha?
You: .. D:
Stranger: ?
You: Argentina?
Stranger: what about argentina?
You: a country
You: xD
You: mmm idk
Stranger: i know what argentina is lol
You: xD
Stranger: never been there before though
You: ok
You: do you like Australia?
Stranger: i love australia
You: ok
Stranger: so you speak spanish, yes?
You: yes.
Stranger: i assumed as much
Stranger: m or f?
You: M
You: u?
Stranger: female
You: ok
Stranger: how old are you?
You: over 3500 (?)
You: ^-^
Stranger: wow they live long in argentina!
Stranger: so who died?
You: nobody
You: we are all with life
Stranger: i see
You: xD
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 18
Stranger: you?
You: 3502
Stranger: im serious! haha
Stranger: tell me
You: ahh 16
You: XD
Stranger: was that so hard?
You: xDD
Stranger: i need to study.............
You: where you chat? omegle?
Stranger: what?
You: nothing,
You: what time is in australia
You: ?
Stranger: it is 3:04pm
You: wow!
Stranger: what time is it there?
You: here is 2:04am
Stranger: is it just turned sunday?
You: yes
You: ok, you go to study¿
You: ¿
You: ?
Stranger: yeah i got exams tomorrow
Stranger: but i dont want to
You: ok, good luck
Stranger: -_-
Stranger: thank you
You: np
Stranger: what is your name by the way?
You: by the way?
Stranger: what is your name?
You: Lucas..
You: your name?
Stranger: cayley
Stranger: nice to meet you lucas
You: lucas is a common name in australia?
Stranger: yup yup
Stranger: pretty common
You: ok
You: here too
Stranger: i take it cayley isnt haha
Stranger: well i shall go study now
Stranger: it was nice talking to you!
Stranger: have a good day and get some sleep!
You: ok, bye ! xD good luck in your exam
You: e
Stranger: thank you!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

PD: no me llamo Lucas ni tengo 16 años jajaja xD