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In 2013, he was supervisor of chapters of a regular show for my degree in animation.
One day, I played a chapter review at 12:00 pm, the episode had no name, just the VHS tape era.
The intro had poor quality, as if it had been made in bad taste.
The background was red and the name of the chapter was: The Slaughter of Rigby.
Do not take important because whenever they made jokes, such as:
MORDECAI AND THE Rigbys = You suck.
The episode began with mordecai and rigby mordecai eating cereal and says: Man, What remains of the cereal we leave to the shocks (the game)?
Rigby agrees and then goes first and not mordecai punches and hits very hard,
Mordecai tells her he's sorry but Rigby ignores him while his face is bleeding.
Rigby hits the mirror and grab what was left of the mirror was a piece of glass and is addressed to Mordecai.
Rigby tells him it will feel to be beaten and Mordecai tells him not to kill him.
Rigby says it's too late to apologize and grabs their piece of glass and smiles.
put after the editor paused and slowly retreated video because there was a picture of animation.
What we saw was shocking, stabbing Rigby mordecai with a scary gesture.
Rigby mordecai hides the body and goes for Benson.
I thought: What kind of video is this ?.
Benson tells Rigby must go to work but Rigby says no and takes out his knife.
Again, missing another scene, the boss tells her he was going, because I can not stand the terror.
Table, o my god, the picture was stabbing rigby benson hanged while the truth is that I felt nauseous.
had already been 10 minutes, missing the last 5 minutes, just face it looked rigby a message that said: haha, you scared? no problem, I'll go after you.
Already missing 2 seconds to over, and over.
We were all upset, the first that came out was the editor, the publisher out after I went out.
Now, I'm thinking of that chapter and who did it.