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Hello! As some of you might already know, Taringa! has opened a similar site in English called Socialphy. Many users have asked for a Taringa site in English and now it's finally here! Now users who live in English speaking countries can finally share content with their friends who don't speak Spanish and those Taringa users who speak English have a place to share all that great English content that you find!


We would like to invite those users who speak English to join us on Socialphy. The site is just beginning so you can be among the first users to sign up!

Now users around the world can connect and share content using the universal language. We are really excited about this new project and we hope that you will join us and help to make Socialphy great!

To register now, please click here!

*Don't forget to read the protocol before posting on Socialphy because there are a few things that are different on the new site*

Thanks and we'll see you on Socialphy
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