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Slackware 14 RC5

Buenas creo que todos estamos realmente ansiosos con la nueva versión de Slackware, la distribución más veterana del sistema operativo GNU/Linux.
Ya pasaron las pruebas internas más duras y se espera que dentro de poco se lance la versión 14.

Acá les copio los últimos changelog que vi acerca de Slackware 14.

Wed Sep 19 23:52:16 UTC 2012 Here we go one more time with Slackware 14.0 release candidate 5. Really, this time it is not a drill! Everything is in place and ready to release at this point, and unless there's some kind of showstopper found (which doesn't seem too likely after all the testing that's happened), the release can be expected soon. After careful consideration and a considerable amount of internal testing I did relent to give the kernel one more bump to 3.2.29, so of course 3.2.30 was released a couple of hours ago. ;-) But that's not a showstopper, and it seems to be time to get off the never-ending kernel upgrade treadmill until the next cycle begins. Speaking of kernels, I added sample .configs for all the 3.x kernel branches in /testing. So test away, and if there are any new problems (or old ones that we missed), let us know soon!

Sat Sep 22 00:34:26 UTC 2012 I'll go along with the last minute request to provide the released stable version of xf86-video-nouveau. The reason that we hadn't done this is that the stable version of Mesa won't compile with this version of libdrm. But, since xf86-video-nouveau compiles fine with this libdrm and the Mesa we're already shipping, it seems reasonable to provide them here in /testing. Thanks to Didier Spaier.

Links de los changelog para la versión de 32 bits y de 64 bits.
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