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A continuación algunas capturas de los contenidos exclusivos que pueden encontrar si
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The Appendices Part 9

Into The Wilderland:
The Chronicles of The Hobbit Part 2


* Opening

* A Warm Welcome

* Business of the State

* Shelter on the Long Lake

* In the Halls of the Elvenking

* Flies and Spiders

* Queer Lodgings

* On the Doorstep

* Inside Information

* Down the Swift Dark Stream

* Barrels Out of Bond

* A Chance Meeting

* Erebor Rekindled

* ...Into the Fire

The Appendices Part 10

The Journey to Erebor


* Summoning Smaug: Last of the Fire-drakes:

- The Last and First Dragon
- Conversations with Smaug
- Into the Dragon's Lair

* The People and Denziens of Middle-Earth:

- Beorn: The Shape-Shifter
- The Spawn of Ungoliant
- The Men of Lake-town

* Realms of the Third Age: From Beorn's House to Lake-Town:

- Beorn's House
- Mirkwood Forest
- The Woodland Realm
- Lake-town

* The Music of The Hobbit:

- Overture: Music of the Wilderland
- 1st Movement: The World of Men
- 2nd Movement: In the Halls of Erebor

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