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Peliculas que tenes que mirar si o si

hola lince crapman, traigo peliculas que si o si tenes que mirar si no queres ser un neofito. no voy aburrirlos con sinopsis ni criticas porque se que nadie lee un carajo asi que chau

Drive 2011

face off 1997

little red riding hood 2015

never let me go 2010

nightcrawler 2014

shame 2011

children of men 2006

hostel 2005

alice in the cities 1974

room in rome 2010

the hills have eyes 2006

the bourne identity 2002

ronin 1998

the cabin in the woods 2012

the boondock saints 1999

ghost world 2001

a perfect world 1993

lost highway 1997

coraline 2009

a scanner darkly 2006

public enemies 2009

training day 2001

leon the professional 1994

scape from la 1996

fantastic mr fox 2009

the graduate 1967

si queres ver mas peliculas hacete socio del videoclub y llevate alguna
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