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At War - Ordered to Kill


Ordered to Kill

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po6q20QqSEM

Thrash Metal from 1986!

Track #1 from At War's debut Ordered to Kill!


Fire at will, out for the kill, looking for you
Your blood must spill tonight
Bursting your veins, watch as you faint
You feel the pain
You've lost the will to fight
Nothing to do, except look for you
You can't get away
For if you do you'll be
Stopped in your tracks, given the axe
We can't restrain
We are the troops insane
Ordered to kill!

Conventional force, changing the course
Feel no remorse
Carnage and suffering's
Part of the game, we're here to maim
Our mission is plain
Destroy the enemy
Take all their land, stop their last stand
Leave them our brand
Forced to remember
The day we attacked, brought forth our wrath
Death's aftermath
We have been trained and we're
Ordered to kill!

Terror excites, shoot all on sight
Don't wait for their whites
No need just aim and fire
Laser device, just makes it nice, point it and pull
Turn screams to silent lulls
Dropping like flies, deaf to their cries
A damning demise
A fate we must ensue
Freedom's not done, until we have won
So let's make it fun
We have been trained and we're
Ordered to kill!

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